Presentation Matters: Two Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Hey there you lovely people! Welcome back to Excellence Home Staging! I’m really glad you’ve continued to tune in for more information on real estate! Today’s topic is going to be about curb appeal.

What is “Curb Appeal”?

This is what real estate agents and brokers all try to upscale. It is the attractiveness of the overall property based on the view from the street. It is ultimately what first impressions will be made of.

It is important to improve your home’s curb appeal if you are ever thinking of selling your property. Even if you aren’t, it is still good to improve your curb appeal since, let’s be honest no one wants anything bad to be said about where we live.

So in light of that, here are three ways you may be able to improve a home’s curb appeal:

Flower Power

You would just be surprised at how much a property’s value soars when there are blooming flowers in the picture. When you install flower boxes in key places, you give off a real sweet impression. After all, not everyone has time or the effort to grow plants.

If you have flower boxes at the front of your house, it shows that:

  1. The home has owners that care
  2. The property’s land is fertile
  3. The property is well taken care of

Mailbox Upgrade

Yes, this may seem like a silly thing but having a fun or memorable mail box is one way to improve your home’s curb appeal. People always remember something that is out of the ordinary. You can just paint your mailbox in bright colors or you can try using an odd thing as a mailbox.

Remember how that lovely couple in Up had a cute mailbox with their handprints on it? It spoke to the hearts of many and added to the homey appeal of the property.

To Close

Remember, if your property’s front looks like it’s something that came out of a horror movie, you can pretty much expect people to keep their offers to a minimum amount.