Focus on Calgary Communities

Canyon Meadows which is located in the southwest portion of Calgary was built in 1965. Its name originated from the rolling plane above Fish Creek Park. Its borders are MacLeod Trail (on its eastern side), 14th Street (on its western side), and Anderson Road (on its northern side). An estimated number of 3,195 people are residing in this community.

The Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club is the premiere private golf club in the city and is one of the 7th golf courses that are open in Calgary. Recreational facilities such as Canyon Meadows Pool (which is open all throughout the year), fitness center, Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club, and Fish Creek Provincial Park are open and available for resident’s use. Kumon Math, dog classes and training, Jazzercise, Brownies, and Mom and Tots are a few activities that one can choose from. This community has a warm home-y feeling which hits you right on the spot. There are plenty of real estate listings in Canyon Meadows which range from single-family homes, bungalows, condominiums, and apartments. 

canyon meadows homes for sale
Canyon Meadows, Calgary Alberta

Acadia was established in the year 1960 and experienced urbanization and development. Through this program, the buildings were renovated or replaced. Its borders are MacLeod Trail (on its western portion), Bow River (on its eastern portion), Heritage Drive (on its northern portion), and Southland Drive (on its southern portion). Acadia has an ideal location since it is surrounded by major roadways on every side and this makes transportation easier.

The homes in Acadia are affordable which makes them in the top list of young families who are starting their lives and are looking for an affordable home right in their budget to settle in. There are a lot of different homes for sale in Acadia to choose from depending on your budget and style such as single-family homes, bungalows, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and semi-detached properties. Traveling outside Calgary will be unnecessary since the amenities are already nearby and accessible. People who love the outdoors are perfect for Acadia since it has some green spaces that are great for some exercising such as jogging with your friends, hiking in the wilderness, biking with a special someone, or just simply strolling. It also has various shopping malls, boutiques, and restaurants great for dining in to check out. Schools are also available for your children. You will find out that there is always something for you in Acadia. 

acadia homes for sale
Acadia, Calgary Alberta

Haysboro was named after its original owner, former Cabinet minister and politician Harry Hays and was established in 1958.  Haysboro now has an estimated 7,000 residents. Its borders are MacLeod Trail (on its eastern side), 14 Street (on its western side), Heritage Drive (on its northern side), and 98 Avenue (to its southern side). Traveling around the city is such a breeze since the location of this community is near the MacLeod Trail, Heritage Drive, and Southland Drive. The rental market in Haysboro is up to 25%. There are a wide selection of homes for sale in Haysboro form condominiums, apartments, and single-family detached homes and this makes Haysboro famous to home buyers may it be older or younger families. Public transportation is easy and accessible since the C-Train has a stop at Canyon Meadow. This is great for residents who want to visit these very stunning parks: Elbow Park, Glenmore Reservoir, Oakwood Park, Chinook Park, and Glenmore Park. For tours, hiking, and canoeing a great place to go to is the Weaselhead Natural Environment Park. If you are not into outdoor activities and you are more into indoor shopping then there are numerous shopping malls around the neighborhood where you can relax and enjoy.