Useful Resources

When it comes to keeping your property in its prime, it is important to be proactive about looking for information that you can use. While I would love to just say you can tune in to my blog and you’ll get all the know-how you’ll need—this simply is not the case.

That said, I have my own set of blogs and websites that are a definite must-follow as they provide me with a lot of insight about home improvement, real estate, and other property relevant information. I’ve decided to share them with you.

The Ugly Duckling House

In the world of DIY, this blog is a definite find. Sarah shares a lot of her house keeping adventures with a healthy dose of optimism and humor. She shares a lot of her adventures with clearly outlined premises and instructions. If you have ever wanted to get into a DIY project, you can try one of many lovely projects that this website features.

Better Housekeeper

If you have ever wanted to create a much homey ambiance for your home, this is one website that you should be visiting. This site discusses a variety of tips, tricks, and trends in home décor and housekeeping.

If you have your own set of useful resources, do let me know and I’ll look them up. If they’re super good, I’ll add them to this list so that others may be able to learn from them as well!